Taxi Map FAQ

How does TaxiMap work?

TaxiMap can be added to any website by cut & pasting a couple of simple lines of HTML code. Once integrated, a map interface lets customers add stops, calculate prices and request taxi bookings.

TaxiMap stores information used to calculate taxi fares in a database. This information is entered by cab companies via the member's area. In order to access the member's area taxi companies must register and be approved. A username and password will be generated and sent via email.

TaxiMap then uses this data in conjunction with Google Maps to calculate a fare for a journey specified by a user. The user is then able to call the cab company to book a taxi or use the online taxi booking system.

TaxiMap will usually be integrated with the minicab company's website. This is very straight-forward requiring only a single line of code to be added.

Last Modified: 27/03/2011 22:29:50